When RC0 went out I waited a whole week before switching to it. I knew it was time when I started experiencing SWS, or Silverlight Withdrawal Syndrome, for I had stopped the development of a couple of interesting projects due to the uncertainty. I knew I was going to feel blind (not being able to see SLB2 apps anymore) but I had to use. We had also received a kind message from Tim Heuer warning us from the effects the then future-released-version would have on our applications (thanks Tim) which gave me the final push to make the move...

During the RC0 times, api Junkie took care of fixing a couple of things on our game Bumble Beegger (I didn't do my job, too busy playing with my new projs) but we didn't upload any of the changes. We felt like waiting until D day to polish Bumble Beegger as well as mashooo.com .

Following the great news of the release of Silverlight 2 my part of the fixes was very pleasantly simple.
After installing BlendV2SP1_en-Blend Service Pack 1.exe and Silverlight_Tools for Visual Studio 2008 SP1(RC1).exe:

   1. Some fonts' sizes changed: One of 3 similar textblocks presented a run tag with the FontSize property set to 14 which is the right size. The other two had no run tag and no FontSize property but the visual effect was that of the default 11 Fontsize as described by the Text panel in the Properties tab in Blend. I didn't go into solving the mystery as to how this actually happened; I swear the 3 texts where size 14 when Bumble beegger was up and running in SL2B2. I assume I didn't notice I left a run tag for one of them.
  Two possible fixes: either keep the run tag knowing that it overwrites whatever property you have in double inside the TextBlock, or just get rid of the run tag remembering to include all the properties required directly inside the TextBlock tag. I kept the run tags.

   2. A button event stopped working: way back in the SL2B2 days I learned the hard way that buttons were disgraced of the MouseLeftButton events and were granted a useful Click instead. Even so, when testing Bumble Beegger in RC1 a couple of hours before writing this, I notice I never got to fix the "by Mashooo" button on the lower right corner of the game screen (yes, it's a button) that links to a url. After replacing "MouseLeftButtonDown" for "Click" in Visual Studio the button still didn't work. What happens is that the code doesn't automatically change.
  To fix this I replaced the class "MouseButtonEventArgs" by "RoutedEventArgs" in the code page.

There are a couple of other controls that were affected like the data grid, used on the high scores screen. It still works properly but the widths of the columns have changed, something that I'll fix as soon as I feel like it.

Mashooo.com didn't require any visual fixes so it's there, up and running, on the new and improved *SL2*. Unfortunately most of the games are not yet updated :(

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