The deadline for submitting entries to the Mashooo S Prize has been reached. The total number of entries is 37 with the last one luckily making it within 4 minutes of the end!

At Mashooo we are extremely pleased with the quality of the games and their adventurous and bright developers. They have proved that the Silverlight games industry sees a promising future.

Congratulations to all you Silverlight game developers who obviously put their hearts and efforts into creating virtual joy.

Now the rating period continues all week until Sunday June 21st:
We invite the Silverlight community in general to support the Silverlight game developers by playing their games and rating them with an objective, fair and sincere eye.

The top 10 games will go on to be presented to our panel of judges.

Well, I'm off to have fun playing the 37 games all over again to decide on my ratings. You only get to rate each game once and once only so do it carefully! The link to do so is:


Currently rated 1.6 by 41 people

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